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Age of Discovery ship found perfectly preserved in Baltic Sea
1 HR AGO - The best preserved shipwreck ever found from the age of Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama has Expand
Good for a laugh: canned laughter makes jokes seem funnier
3 HRS AGO - Research finds recording of spontaneous laughter is more effective than controlled oneIn research Expand
Fathers rejoice! Scientists reveal simple way to make 'dad jokes' funnier
3 HRS AGO - Researchers from University College London suggest that laughter tracks at the end of a punchline Expand
The Milky Way cannibalised an entire galaxy 10 billion years ago
4 HRS AGO - Our Milky Way ate another huge galaxy 10 billion years ago, new research has found. Smaller Expand
Trojan Horse' drug 'completely destroys tumours' in three types of cancer
7 HRS AGO - Scientists say that the 'promising' method delivers chemo drug straight into tumours - with fewer Expand
Big Penis' supplement contains potentially dangerous ingredient, experts warn
8 HRS AGO - ‘Big Penis’ promotes sexual enhancement, but actually contains a potentially dangerous ingredient, Expand
Michael Pollan worries we don't know enough to legalise psychedelic drugs
10 HRS AGO - Speaking in Melbourne, the journalist who has become synonymous with the conversation on Expand
Mystery of Chedworth's 1,800-year-old Roman glass shard solved
13 HRS AGO - Find sheds fresh light on wealth and influence of ex-inhabitants of National Trust propertyA Expand
Let’s sort the Earth out first before reaching for other planets | Letters
1 DAY AGO - Readers respond to the 50th anniversary of the moon landings and the future of space explorationMy Expand
Motor neurone disease researchers find link to microbes in gut
2 HRS AGO - Study could eventually lead to new treatments for neurodegenerative conditionScientists have found Expand
Boosting a gut bacterium helps mice fight an ALS-like disease
3 HRS AGO - Gut bacteria may alter ALS symptoms for good or ill.
Scientist encounters monster 16ft shark which he compares to 'T.Rex in water
3 HRS AGO - Scientists from Florida State University encountered the 16-foot-long bluntnose sixgill shark at a Expand
Snails are being 'milked' for their slime for use in cosmetics and beauty products
5 HRS AGO - Snail slime creams and serums promise to offset ageing and give the skin a healthy glow
NASA reveals stunning photo of Earth's shadow on Buck Moon during lunar eclipse
7 HRS AGO - NASA has featured the stunning image of the moon during the lunar eclipse as its Astronomy Picture Expand
India’s first lunar lander is on its way to the moon
8 HRS AGO - India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission just launched, hoping to become the first Indian spacecraft to land Expand
Pompeii row erupts between rival scientific factions
12 HRS AGO - Volcanologists say excavations by archaeologists are destroying useful clues about lava flowIt is Expand
Big bangs and bronze ice: reflections on Olafur Eliasson
18 HRS AGO - Joanne Baker revels in the kaleidoscopic imagination of a science-inspired artist at the top of Expand
Senior doctors call for crackdown on home genetic testing kits
1 DAY AGO - False results have told women they have mutations linked to breast and ovarian cancer Senior Expand
Unhatched birds can warn others of danger by vibrating shells
3 HRS AGO - Study finds developing chicks communicate with siblings when they hearalarm callsBaby seabirds Expand
Enhanced control over ions’ motions may improve quantum computers
3 HRS AGO - Scientists precisely manipulated the ion’s oscillations and energy levels, a key step toward Expand
Why canned laughter makes things funnier, according to science
3 HRS AGO - Adding canned laughter to the punchline of “dad jokes” makes them seem funnier, according to a new Expand
Glow-in-the-dark shark species discovered by scientists
6 HRS AGO - A new species of tiny shark which glows in the dark and squirts luminous liquid has been Expand
India launches mission to explore south pole of moon - video
7 HRS AGO - India’s mission to the moon has blasted into space one week after a technical glitch forced Expand
India's Chandrayaan-2 moon mission lifts off a week after aborted launch
8 HRS AGO - With first mission to land on lunar south pole, India aims to join club comprising Russia, the US Expand
The UK's shift to clean energy is about to get really, really tough
12 HRS AGO - Renewable electricity in the UK has had a great year, but with our homes and transport still Expand
Starwatch: Aquariid meteor shower opens the summer season
21 HRS AGO - It’s not the most spectacular of meteor showers but the delta Aquariids last for over a week, Expand

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