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Author Archives: Ed Barros, Happy Dog Plumbing

Earlier this year, Happy Dog Plumbing welcomed a new young apprentice, Saphron Baker, from neighbouring Mitcham to join their growing team. Under the mentorship of our most experienced engineer, Martin Steer, Saphron is gaining the experience needed to become a fully fledged plumber in her own right....
​    As people have been saying with increasing regularity recently, “winter is coming!” Here, Ed Barros of Tooting-based Permanex Plumbing gives us a quick run-down of how to make sure your heating’s working before the chill sets in (and you could...
​    Ed Barros of Tooting-based Permanex Plumbing on the advantages of changing your boiler. Better pressure? Cheaper bills? Yep, all that and more! We recently had a client who wanted to replace his 25 year old Potterton Kingfisher 2 floor-standing...
​    Ed Barros of Tooting-based Permanex Plumbing. is back with some invaluable advice on faulty showers. Take it away, Ed... People often call us about their shower not working properly. The most common faults are that the temperature cannot be adjusted or that the...
​ ​   Here at TDP HQ, we (like everyone else), encounter the occasional maintenance issue. And as Dave, the TDP Editor, isn’t exactly what you’d called skilled in DIY, he always finds it useful to have a Community Partner on hand to give advice. In this case, the...
​ ​   Want to fix a common plumbing problem but unsure where to start? Here’s our Community Partner Ed Barros of Tooting-based Permanex Plumbing, with some common problems – some easily solvable, some which may need a hand from your friendly Tooting...

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