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Common plumbing problems and how to fix them

Common plumbing problems and how to fix them

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Want to fix a common plumbing problem but unsure where to start? Here’s our Community Partner Ed Barros of Tooting-based Permanex Plumbing, with some common problems – some easily solvable, some which may need a hand from your friendly Tooting engineer!

Some plumbing problems can be fixed at home with a little know-how. We often give advice over the phone, thus saving the client time and money. However, we’re always ready and able for when things get a little more advanced!

Dripping taps
Standard taps which have rubber washers often drip as a consequence of over-tightening. People tend to shut taps off tighter than they need to which deforms the washer to the point where it is not able to shut off at all – hence the drip. This is easily fixed with either a new washer or a tap reviver kit.

Shower temperature not consistent
If the shower is the only source of inconsistent hot water, then the thermostatic cartridge is often the cause. Unfortunately, a lot of showers do not have any logo or manufacturers details, but we are often able to identify the shower from a picture, so we always ask clients to email images to save them time and, of course money. Once identified, this type of job is usually completed within an hour, restoring consistent hot water.

Leaking taps, overflowing tanks / WC’s
Often leaks or running overflows are considered an emergency if the water is not containable and / or causing damage. However, there are often local isolation valves on taps, water tanks and WC’s which turn the water off. This can take the panic out of a leak situation by allowing the water to be turned off to the offending item without affecting the water to the rest of the property. Clients can then arrange for an engineer to attend and carry out the necessary repairs.

Bleeding a radiator
When your radiator is hot at the bottom and cold at the top, then it means there’s air in the radiator and it therefore needs bleeding. This is a really simple process which only takes a minute, and our video below offers step-by-step instructions. If you have a sealed system, then you’ll need to top up your boiler pressure afterwards...

Low boiler pressure
Low boiler pressure on a sealed heating system can cause a boiler to stop working and can be due to a number of reasons. Most heating systems will have automatic air vents which remove air from heating systems which can cause low pressure. Topping this pressure up is usually very straight forward. We usually talk our clients through this process on the phone but also have a YouTube video for clients with Vaillant boilers (see below) Low pressure can also be due to a leak on the heating system so if the pressure drops regularly then it should be investigated by a heating engineer.

Remember, Permanex are offering 10% off your total bill when you mention Tooting Daily PRSS!

Permanex Plumbing and Maintenance Ltd is a 24/7 Tooting-based plumbing and maintenance service and one of our Community Partners. Call them on 020 8879 7372, find out more on their website, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Find out more about our Community Partners here.


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